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Cold Resistant Belts

Cold Resistant Belts

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Cold Resistant Belts
  • Belt Thickness: 15 mm
  • Belt Width: More than 1000 mm
  • Type of Conveyor Belt: Cleated Conveyor Belt
  • Structure: Belt Conveyor
  • Features: Heat Resistant
  • Belt Thickness: 15 mm
  • Belt Width: More than 1000 mm
  • Type of Conveyor Belt: Cleated Conveyor Belt
  • Structure: Belt Conveyor
  • Material: superior cotton canvas, EP canvas, Nylon
  • Features: Heat Resistant
Cold Resistant belting solutions delivered are made available in superior cotton canvas, EP canvas (as carcass) as well as in nylon canvas finish. Further, these feature use of cover rubbers which are a blend of NR and BR having in them -
  • High elasticity
  • Shock resistance
  • Cold resistance
  • All other desired properties to efficiently perform @ -40oC


Some of the possible end usage areas include :

  • For conveying materials outdoors in freezing area
  • For conveying materials to cold storage

Features :

Some of the standard features of these belts include :

  • Cored structure divided into ordinary & reinforced combined CIS—butadiene synthetic rubber to provide superior functionality
  • Use if natural rubber as covering rubber that comes with highest elasticity as well as cold—resistance performance
  • Belts designed to efficiently perform in sub zero temperatures of -40C

Advantages :

Some of the possible advantages include :

  • Suitability for conveying various types of material in cold areas or cool warehouse environment
  • Can be available in different belt carcass including Cotton canvas, Nylon canvas or Polyester canvas
  • The cover rubber can comprise combination of 3-polybutadiene Rubber(BR) and Natural Rubber(NR)
  • Belts characterized by high elasticity
  • Belts impact-proof as well as cold-proof
  • Can work under temperatures of -40oC

Differentiation :

Differentiation on basis of Cover Rubber :
These are available in following types:

  • Crack-resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Common types

Differentiation on basis of Cold-proof performance:
It can be delivered in finishes including:

  • S1 (-45oC ~ 50oC)
  • S2 (-60oC ~ 50oC)


Cover Physical Property Indexes
Tensile Strength / Mpa ≤241815
Breaking Elongation / % ≤450400350
Ageing experiment (70oC, 7d)Change rate of tensile strength / %±25±25±25
Change rate of breaking elongation / %±25±25±25
Abrasion / mm3 ≥120100250
Cold resistant coefficient at elongate ≤C1(-45oC)0.3

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